Monarch – Sabbracadaver

Monarch released « Sabbracadaver » in july of this year via Profound Lore Records. I have waited a long time for this to come since the excellent « Omens » and yes, this LP is an awesome sludgy-doom-droning piece!

Sabbracadaver is a three-track 46 minute sound experience which makes you walk through really dark and disturbing places.

Hear the frequencies smashing your brain, opening the gates of your doom!

The french band performs an extrem sludge/doom metal and worships the low tones and ground-shaking frequencies.

The way we receive this sound, this atmosphere is kind of personal because it is a very introspective genre ; consider that this is cinema for ears: every sequence, every sound will catch a feeling, an emotion from you and you’ll be able to build mentally the place they invite you to join. They doing it very well, I had the chance to see them live three times (‘Glazart’, ‘Espace B’ and ‘Confort Moderne’) and Monarch made me go really far, their sound is so powerfull and the aura is so attractive, dark and seductive.

She tastes like fear…

I’m a sailor on the black-doom sea, my boat is made of solid riffs and rumbling notes of despair. Emilie Bresson’s voice enchants me like a mermaid and invites me to dive gently into the gloomy abysses.

monarch live

  1. Pentagrammes
  2. Louves
  3. Mortes

It’s a very good album, the atmosphere is dark, pictorial and the scenery is very elaborate.

By listening to Sabbracadaver, I am being tested.
I know that this is very toxic but I like it. I like to go far with a sound, focusing on a frequency, losing myself by listening to an album.
There really is no escape once you’ve trod those cold and damp spaces, the haunted remains of the brain, it’s hard to get out of it.

Black is so colorful !

Monarch is one of those bands that shows how powerful the Doom is and how the genre is introspective, rich and intense as it is involving the listener.
Sabbracadaver is a prime example, offering even richer sound, the riffs are very effective, an overwhelming heaviness sustained by a cold and harsh rhythm.
This album is colored of pretty unusual « softness » sections, some whispers as if a succubus was calling you from the abysses. This kind of softness is only there to accentuate the darkness that continues to spread and crush you the very next moment.

Damn, 46 minutes have passed already?!
All right, I’ll relight some candles and put « Sabbracadaver » on repeat mode!

† Corbal.

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